June 1, 2016

Goaline Logic by


When I was younger the long drive back from a game made for a perfect time to reflect on my play. My father was always good at starting off by telling me all of the positive things he noticed in my game and then asking how I felt. This was very helpful for me to debrief about my own perception of the game and reflect on what I could have done differently. Whether it was a misread on a 2 on 1 or being impatient on a breakaway I was able to break down what I did and explore with my Dad how I can be prepared for the next time. This was a crucial part to my maturing and learning as a young goaltender.


When your son/daughter gets off the ice they are already aware that they had a good/bad game. This is again r...

March 2, 2016

Goaline Logic by

It’s that time of the season again goalies! The pressure is heightened and the competition level has tripled. You have spent all season working on your technique and skills and now in playoffs you must feel confident in your abilities. Playoffs can be a roller coaster of emotions and how you cope with them, will dictate your success!


I have always found how you react to a win or a loss can impact the next game. It's common after a win you feel untouchable. You go into the next game with extra confidence which can be good but can also develop unrealistic expectations. This is referred as "getting too high, or too low". Be confident but be prepared. Reset before each game. Similar to a win you must also hit the reset button and move on after...

January 28, 2016

Goaline Logic by

Making the jump from minor hockey to junior hockey can be difficult. Moving up in leagues and receiving shots from stronger and advanced players can be intimidating. Whether it is junior hockey or minor hockey the 5 Minute Mini Game can be a useful tool to provide a positive head in the game.


When I was playing my first year in junior hockey my coach at the time came up to me on my very first game and shared this tool and it resonated with me throughout my whole hockey career. He said “break the game down into 5 minute mini games.”


When breaking the game down into 5 minute segments you are able to shake off the bad and build on the good parts of each mini game. When you have a bad 5 minutes, let’s say you let a goal in, once that 5 minutes...

December 28, 2015

Goaline Logic by


Whether it is a post out, butterfly to full recovery, powerslide or explosive movement within the crease we need strength. Most, if not all of our power is generated from our legs in order to get square and set in time for the initial shot. Matt Jenkins has touched upon the flexibility and mobility aspect in the article Closing holes for fewer goals (insert link here charlie) Therefore, I have invited guest blogger Paul Hudson: Strength and Conditioning Coach @ Hudson Strength to touch on a few major strength training concepts every goalie can introduce to their game…


Off ice training has become a must for hockey players in today’s game.  The game has become a much faster version of years passed and it seems as though if you aren’t putting...

November 30, 2015

Goaline Logic by

For most goalies and parents, knowing what the right stick is for you can be somewhat of a grey area. Having the proper stick can make a world of difference in performance. The paddle (larger part of the goal stick) size is too big or too small, curve, lie and even the type of material (wood, foam core, composite) can make a huge difference iyour game.  Chances are if you are a young goalie, your stick is oversized and you need to consider the following.


General Sizing

The biggest misconseption and mistake most parents and young goalies make when sizing a stick is the mindset that a bigger paddle is better. We see too many goalies with sticks that are oversized, making it cumbersome and difficult to manipulate. The a...

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