January 28, 2016

Goaline Logic by

Making the jump from minor hockey to junior hockey can be difficult. Moving up in leagues and receiving shots from stronger and advanced players can be intimidating. Whether it is junior hockey or minor hockey the 5 Minute Mini Game can be a useful tool to provide a positive head in the game.


When I was playing my first year in junior hockey my coach at the time came up to me on my very first game and shared this tool and it resonated with me throughout my whole hockey career. He said “break the game down into 5 minute mini games.”


When breaking the game down into 5 minute segments you are able to shake off the bad and build on the good parts of each mini game. When you have a bad 5 minutes, let’s say you let a goal in, once that 5 minutes...

January 27, 2016

Goaline Logic by

 You can make a positive difference by simply


Today, Bell will donate 5¢ more to mental health initiatives for every:

  • Text message sent

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Be part of the change!



January 25, 2016

Goaline Logic by


I recently read Kevin Woodley's article on NHL.com about Buffalo Sabres goalie Chad Johnson and his relationship with new goalie coach, Andrew Allen. One of Johnson's comments really stood out to me:

"Over the years, I have learned this is my job and I need to stand up and say, 'I know you're the goalie coach but …,'" Johnson said, pausing. "I just wish I had in the past said, 'I am not doing this,' maybe taken a little more responsibility on my own."

Woodley's article took me back a few years ago when I met a recently retired professional goalie while working at a summer camp in Ottawa. I never watched this goalie play because most of his career was spent in Europe. Naturally, I was curious, so I asked what type of goalie he was....

January 19, 2016

Goaline Logic by

The last several years, a big debate in the NHL has been whether to reduce the size of goalie equipment or not. The NHL describes it is as a lack of scoring, but the way I see it is that it is a result of goalies getting improving every year. With the amount of different training methods goalies have access to ie. visual training, mental training, explosion training, yoga, video etc its no surprise we are improving every season. If the NHL decides to change the size of the gear, I don’t think it would have an affect. besides, they have tried this once already the In 2010-11 season. They instatuted the rule that a goalies pads couldn’t go higher than 55% of the distance between centre of the knee and the pelvis. They again changed the rule i...

January 13, 2016

Goaline Logic by

Goalies are weird. I don’t mean just in their mannerisms and pregame routines, either. Goalies have beaten and battered their bodies over years of playing the position so much so that the average person would have a tough time contorting their body into some of the positions we find ourselves doing at high speeds without even thinking about it. When I say this you probably get an image of Dominik Hasek acrobatically sprawling for a loose puck, but in fact it doesn’t have to be that dramatic at all. A simple T-push seems easy to most goalies, but to Average Joe, externally rotating your hip that far to open it (and in a hurry), combined with the added pressure of stopping hard and internally rotating at the same time, all while maintaining y...

January 8, 2016

Goaline Logic by

There always lots of talk about how some goalies make such a difference in a game having he ability to handle the puck with ease.


I find myself offering to goalies and/or parents that we are, at our core, a collection of habits and we create our habits. Hand-in-hand a lot of what makes a successful goalie is the repetition of simple things. In this exercise I am simply trying to help develop a natural feel which will lead to confidence when handling a puck in all situations.


ODR (outdoor rink) season is soon to be here.  Here is a tip on how to develop your goalie puck handling

During an ODR pick up game take 20minutes, using your goalie stick, blocker and trapper and just play the game.  Receive passes, make passes, shoot etc.  Do everythin...

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