February 15, 2016

Goaline Logic by

I recently finished watching Season One of Mr. Robot. It’s about a group of computer programmers out to even the score with the corporate world. One of the show’s leading actors, Rami Malek, recently won a 2016 Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series. During his acceptance speech Malek said, “It’s not just good to be different. It’s better to be different.”


I thought to myself, “What a powerful statement.” And, naturally, I thought about how it applies to goaltending. Fast forward to just last week, when the New Jersey Devils retired Martin Brodeur’s iconic #30 to the rafters in the Prudential Center. It was the grande finale to Brodeur’s career, which lasted 21 years and is highlighted by many accomplishments:


-Three Stanley...

February 19, 2015

Goaline Logic by

Communication is key to any successful team. Whether it’s how players communicate on the ice or how coaches share ideas, the ability to properly and clearly get your point across helps everyone understand what’s expected. For the most part, thecommunication between coaches and goalies has traditionally been, shall we say, confusing.

Goalie coaches play a significant role in translating to a goalie what a coach means when certain things are said on the ice during games or practices, intermission, and during one-on-one meetings.


You can call them coach-speak or coach-isms, but not matter how you slice it, it’s important to hear what a head coach says and then actually understand what is means.


Here are five of the most common things you might...

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