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Our signature pro curriculum has evolved from creating training programs for our most elite goalies. We've systematically structured our training plan into 20 individual sessions. Sessions can be schedules over 20 weeks, 10 weeks or a tailored schedule.

Program Objectives

  • Identify and implement optimal training process and values

  • Body posture on execution/tracking

  • Arrive on feet more times than not

  • Gain/maintain centre line to path of puck

  • Scan/mentally process the game at all times


  • Determine training queues to optimize playing system

  • Identify and correct specific personal inefficiencies while continuing to develop a complete game

  • Understand and value importance of routine and preparation. (prepare/practice/play/evaluate/adjust)


 Summer Curriculum 

 Sessions 1-5  - FUNDAMENTAL PREP


1. Stance/movement on feet only

2. Movement, execution feet to knees - puck in

3. Movement, execution knees to feet - puck out

4. Movement, pivoting on feet + lateral slides

5. Movement, pivoting on butterfly + lateral slide recovery



6. Post-play feet only

7. Post-play butterfly stage 1 - getting comfortable

8. Post-play attack  - feet to knees + knees to knees



9. Identified specific development




10. Static save + complete PSP

11. Save in transition on feet + complete PSP

12. Save in transition pass/shoot option + Post integration recovery



13. Short Lateral butterfly save + recovery to knees to feet & knees to knees.

14. Long Lateral butterfly save + recovery to knees to feet & knees to knees.



 Session 15-16  - DEAD ANGLE ATTEMPTS


15. Dead angle walks - 4 variations @ 3 angles

16. Dead angle pass - 4 variations @ 3 angles it



 Session 17-20  - GAME SITUATION


17. P/S/M option - high to high & low to high

18. P/S/M option - high to low

19. P/S/M option - low to low

20. P/S/M option - in house attempts, managing scrambles and rebounds


PSP = Post Save, Save, Pre Save

P/S/M = Pass/Move/Shoot

we develop customized preventitive stratagies

1 in 3 pro Goalies will require surgery /

Goaltending is one of the most unique position in sports with incredible demands on the body. CGD and SHIFT carefully construct custom off ice programs for each athletes specifications...EXPLORE MORE

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