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The "NEXT SAVE" Goalie Equipment Consignment Shop is happy to accept any good quality, gently used goalie equipment as part of our consignment program. We connect sellers and potential buyers of used goalie equipment through our online facebook group and physical location.



How it works


 Step 1 

Bring in any gently used goalie equipment to the Complete Hockey Development Centre located at 145 Iber Road. Price and tag your gear and leave it in the store to be viewed by others.


 Step 2 

Post your gear online on our Facebook group comprised of hundreds of goalie parents looking for equipment.





 Step 3 

When someone contacts you who is interested in purchasing your gear, negotiate a fair price and complete the transaction.




The unique advantage of listing your equipment at 'NEXT SAVE' is:


  • There is a physical location potential buyers can see, touch, and inspect the equipment without having a potential stranger coming to your house.

  • CGD and 145 Iber Road are consistently busy, with on average 100 goalie families coming through the facility's doors each week. With the store located at the front entrance, it's a sure bet your gear will be seen.

  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Because the equipment is previously used, potential buyers can sign out the equipment to use during their CGD session to ensure a proper fit. 

  • We tag and file the equipment you bring to the consignment shop, helping you track and organize your items.

  • We help you post your items on-line to hundreds of potential buyers who belong to our Facebook equipment exchange page.




FAQ - Sellers


Q: How much does it cost me to sell my gear? 

A: As a consignment service, we charge a flat administration fee of $25 for a 'set' or $15 for an indivual item. Regardless of the “ask” or sale price. The seller receives 100% of the agreed final sale price. This allows a seller to display their goalie equipment in our store for up to 2 months. In the event that your gear or only partial items have sold and you wish to relist the remaining equipment or simply relist the same equipment, a $25.00 administration will again be due.  We do not take a percentage of the sale regardless of the price, 100% of the sale price is yours and will be negotiated between you and the buyer directly.  Listing only one item (pair of skates) the administration fee is $15.00; this fee is per pair, in the event the same customer wishes to list multiple pairs.


Q: Who determines the selling price?

A: The seller determines the selling price; our staff can help in this area also, at the seller’s request. 


Q: Why can I not list two of the same item under one admin fee?

A: There are several potential factors that are involved, tracking of the items, additional management. We are trying to keep this process as basic as we can minimize the potential for mistakes for all the parties involved. Our goal is to simply have a service that can provide a benefit to sellers and buyers taking advantage of great gently used gear. Investing in point of purchase/tracking retail systems would defeat the purpose of our intent.


Q: Is there a limit on the amount of equipment the seller can list?

A: NO! BUT, the max allowed is one set of gear under one inventory #. E.g. glove & blocker, skates, kneepads, helmet, pads, pants 

and chest-protector.  


1. Note: If the seller only has one item, the $15.00 admin fee applies. E.g. blocker only

2. Note: if the seller has 2 of the same item e.g. 2 pairs of skates then 2 admin. fees apply, and will have 2 separate 


Q: How can I display my gear? 

A: Display space in the store is based on availability.  We may have to ask a seller to return at a later date to list the equipment. We have limited space.



FAQ - Buyers 


Q: Can I try the equipment before I purchase?

A: The potential buyer may try the equipment prior to purchase. The trial must be on premises at CHDC. The trial can occur during an on-ice session or in the synthetic (The Crease) room.  Simply trying on the equipment using a dressing room is also permitted.


Q: How do I pay if I decide to purchase gear?

All monetary transactions are between the buyer and seller. NextSave Staff will not process payments or issue credits 

via its system.


Note: In the event the seller and buyer have reached an agreement, NextSave Staff must receive notification by email (NO 

EXCEPTION) stating to release the item from inventory to a specified buyer.


Q: Will you hold gear if I am interested in purchasing?

A: We do not place a “HOLD” on the equipment. It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to communicate in a timely manner.


Q: I'm an interested buyer, how does do I contact the seller?

A: When a potential buyer is interested in purchasing equipment, they can contact the seller via the seller's contact information which is located on the price tag.


Note: All negotiations are the responsibility, and conducted between, the seller and buyer. No NextSave staff member is involved in the process. the seller & buyer agree on the final sale price.

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