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30-minute Private Training

50 min Semi-Private Training

Unlimited Video

Small-Group Clinics

Specialty Clinics

We have formalized our programming process to provide important mentorship for goalies AND parents. 


Our vision is mentorship and education. Our Athlete Action Development Plan (AADP) starts with a simple First SHIFT Intro. Book your free Intro now!

2021 Development Options

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CGD Goaltending

Ideal for specific & focused training goals

1 Goalie | 1 CGD Coach

Select your preferred CGD Coach

Option to bring your own shooter

Single Session | $90+HST​

6 Pack | $525+HST

10 Pack | $850+HST

CGD Goaltending

Ideal for team and tandem training

2 Goalies | 1 CGD Coach

Ideally pair with similar skill level goalies

Select your preferred CGD Coach

Option to bring your own shooter

Single Session - $90+HST​

6 Pack - $525+HST

10 Pack - $850+HST

 50-minute sessions. Ideal for repetition and building habits


Max 5 goalies : 1 CGD Coach + 2 shooters

Paired with similar skill level goalies

Single Session | $55+HST

​6 Pack | $321+HST

10 Pack | $525+HST 

Video + On Ice Post Integration


Group  1 - U12

Dec 13 @ 7pm Video ZOOM + Dec 15 @ 6-7 Ice



Group  2 - U16

Dec 13 @ 7pm Video ZOOM + Dec 15 @ 7-8 Ice


30 min Private Sessions
Semi Privates
Group Sessions
Specialty Camps
Unlimited Video Coching

Unlimited Video Coaching

Goalies progressed faster, communicated more efficiently and coaching cues were clear and accessible.


The most valuable learning tool we have is the ability to record and access video of ourselves. We have implemented the Coach’s Eye Video system with our Junior and Professional students throughout the Summer and fall with great success.

The process is streamlined and simple without the need to constantly cut and edit video. This has allowed us to provide effective simple feedback and coaching cues. Goalies simply share a video “locker” space with the CGD coach. When a training session is scheduled, we ensure video is captured of the entire session and feedback given at the moment on the ice. That video then lives in the shared locker for both goalie and coach to access at any time on any device to review. We can then use the coaching tools to create quick feedback with visuals, our voice over and side by side comparisons


We are inviting you to add unlimited video feedback coaching for the remainder of the season (Now-April 30th) for $150.


"Using coaches eye throughout this summer has enabled me to review ever session on my own with ease, every drill from that day was already in my app when I got home. Video is a great tool and watching all my sessions has allowed me to fine tune certain aspects of my game I wouldn’t have noticed without it."

Ty Austin / Peterborough Petes OHL

“Coach’s eye has been extremely helpful for breaking down plays in practice. Being able to study the tape while getting feedback from my coaches helps me make quick adjustments to my game.”

Brent Moran / Nipissing University  CIS

we develop customized preventative strategies

1 in 3 pro Goalies will require surgery /

Goaltending is one of the most unique positions in sports with incredible demands on the body. CGD and SHIFT carefully construct custom off ice programs for each athlete's specifications...EXPLORE MORE

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