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Summer Training designed and implemented by CGD's top goalies.


CGD has earned the opportunity to work with some extremely talented and dedicated goaltenders. The CHDC facility is the perfect venue for elite goaltenders to call home in the off-season. The combination of ice and gym facilities being just steps apart is an ideal situation. 


All our NHL, OHL and professional goaltenders that call CGD and the CHDC home have the same routine, maximizing their training time and output. We wanted to make the same training regime available to our competitive goalies at the minor and junior levels. 



 "Training at CGD for the past two summers has really helped my game. Not only on the ice, but also off the ice. I am able to get in the gym and have the equipment and space I need to do my warmups, cooldowns, or to get a workout in. Once on the ice, the coaches are not only knowledgeable about the position, but also passionate and bring a different and positive vibe to the rink like is no other. Another advantage with training at CHDC in the summer for me is having the kitchen area being there and accessible. I am able to bring my food and get a great meal in quickly after my ice sessions in order to recover. You get to meet and converse with a bunch of other goalies in the lounge and that has been some of my favourite memories from the facility. CHDC creates a family atmosphere and there is no better place for my summer training."


Genevieve Lacasse | Calgary Inferno

Team Canada Olympic Gold Medalist

Genevieve Lacasse




2:30 pm - 4:30 pm



  • 2 Hours/Daily

  • Only 6 goalies accepted/weekly

  • 2:1 goalie/crease ratio

  • Junior Shooter

  • CGD Elite Coaches 

  • Advanced skill development

  • Tactical emphasis

  • Progressive curriculum




  • Identify impingements and correction

  • Pre-ice hip, groin & core mobility

  • Speed work

  • Body awareness

  • Technical lift education

  • Power movement education

  • Goalie specific training including lateral & rotational work


"CGD has been an excellent set up for me during my summers in Ottawa. I can train in a great gym and then get on the ice right away. The rink is perfectly sized for goalie drills, allowing me to work on my system. Most importantly, Charlie, Paul and the rest of the staff are there every step of the way. Their support is encouraging and helps me strive to be better each day. I recommend CGD to any goalie looking to improve their game in a fun and professional atmosphere."


Mike Ouzas | Linz Black Wings

Mike Ouzas



August 16-20

Advanced 2010 & 2011 "AAA, AA" goalies. Goalies must apply to be selected for the HP camp.


Only 8 Positions Available

Cost $795+tax



August 2-6

Advanced 2008 & 2009 "AAA, AA" goalies. Goalies must apply to be selected for the HP camp.


Only 8 Positions Available

Cost $635+tax



August 9-13

Advanced 2006 & 2007 "AAA, AA" goalies. Goalies must apply to be selected for the HP camp.


Only 8 Positions Available

Cost $795+tax



we develop customized preventitive stratagies

1 in 3 pro Goalies will require surgery /

Goaltending is one of the most unique position in sports with incredible demands on the body. CGD and SHIFT carefully construct custom off ice programs for each athletes specifications...EXPLORE MORE

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