CGD - Overlap Reverse Post-Integration Technique

At every level of the hockey, goalies are using some sort of strategy on extreme angle plays or around the goal line close to the net area that involves positioning on their post, most often referred to now as “post-integration techniques.”

NHL goaltenders like Johnathan Quick, Tuukka Rask, Carey Price, and countless others have made noticeable improvements in this area by working on or adding new techniques to their post-integration technique.

You have already read about the Vertical Horizontal (VH) or One-Knee Down techniques; the Dead-Arm One-Knee Down, which was introduced by former Montreal Canadiens goaltending coach Pierre Groulx in an InGoal Magazine article featuring Carey Price; the Reverse, or Reverse VH, which was broken down by Dallas Stars goalie coach Mike Valley in the same issue; and the Overlap Technique, which was most recentlyoutlined here at by Kory Cooper and Tomas Hertz.

What we have come to learn as coaches is that each technique or tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, we have learned some goalies feel more comfortable and confident using a particular technique or combination of techniques over any other.

That’s part of the job as a goalie coach that can be the most rewarding: Working with an athlete to find a way to improve their game that is personal to them.