Dawson - Weekend recap


We played Fort St. John against Russia in our ex game before tournament starts. Even though it's an exibition game, playing the Russians is always a test and game that you would never take lightly. After my morning skate, I prepare my goalies on Team Canada Black for our ex game against Sweden at 2:30pm in Dawson. As soon as my game is over in Dawson I'll jump on the highway and head further north 45 mins and join White just before puck drop. Game day is the best day!!!


Today was was filled with excitement as both my teams got a taste of the comp, team black kicked the day off with our game against Sweden. We didn't get the result we wanted with a 5-1 loss. Sweden got 4 PP goals so to say special teams were a big part of the game would be a understatement. My message to team Black goalies was to learn from the mistakes and stay positive, we did video and went over the goals and had some time to work things out at practice today. Tournament play is all about controlling emotions and short memory.

I jumped in a van and headed north for my team white to take on Russia. This game did not disappoint as it turned out to be your typical Canada Russia game we see every year at world juniors. At the end of the day we came out with the 3-2 win. Both goalies were outstanding and both earned player of the game, shots were 37-37. Team whites goalie Matthew Welsh was a big factor in the win, my message was to stay even keel. Don't get to high after a big win, get back to work at practice today, as we all know this game can be humbling, just when you think you have things figured out hockey has another idea.


It was a day of first for me, having 2 teams that I work with face off against each other, Team Canada White took on Black. Game started off as Black took a early 2-0 lead. As the game settled down, both goalies came up with some big saves to keep the game close, White scored late in the game to win 4-3. White is 1-0 and Black 0-1.

Today we are back it as White takes on US and black takes on Czech.

Updates to come.