Dawson Day 9 - Happily tired managing 2 sets of goalies

Between practice, video sessions and preperations for both team white and black, it's been busy to say the least. Both teams finished the round robin with 1 win and 2 losses. Yesterday was a tough day as White lost to Czechs 3-2 and black lost to a very strong U.S team 6-1. One thing that gives the opposition an advantage is that all our opponents either play together full time or have a 6-8 week camp before coming to the tournament so it's hard to defend against teams with chemistry and playing history.

Because we finishes 1-2 that means both teams have to travel down to Fort St. John to play our quarter final games. Team White plays team Finland and Team Black plays team Canada Team Red who finished the tournament 3-0. A great feature about this tournament is the round robin is for seeding and everyone gets into quarter final. One game to move on! Its still anybodies tournament.