Long Shots for Success - Staying Patient on your Feet

Attend any goalie camp or training facility and you are bound to find coaches and athletes working diligently in small areas. Statistics have told us that a vast majority of goals are scored off of rebounds and/or shots within say a 10 foot radius from the net. As a result the majority of training focus has been on reducing the number of these goals by mastering techniques ranging from stick work and butterfly (including blocking, reactive and hybrid variations) to power slides, recoveries, “VH”, “Reverse VH” and other sorts of post play applications. My point is not to undermine any of these techniques nor the importance of being able to apply these techniques when and where required, but all of these are based on a puck being loose in close proximity to the goal and/or a shot coming from within tight to the goalie. To initiate these drills quite often a goalie must drop into a butterfly position and then apply the given technique to make the secondary save. As a result, many goalies have developed an almost Pavlovian response to drop t