Inside Scouting - Styles, Techniques and Tendencies from Around the World

Recently, I was fortunate enough to coach at the U17 World Championships and was exposed to goalies from across the globe.

In todays NHL, we see goalies and players finding their way to the NHL from all over the world. I was excited to be exposed, first hand, to other goalies outside North America, especially at a younger age and at a critical time of positional development. Part of my responsibility as the goalie coach for team Canada was to scout each opposing goalie and supply a scouting report for our players. Many goalies had similarities, but they also had some different strengths that were apparent and had been a focus while training.

Below I have listed the valuable insight that I learned about the development traits pertaining to each goalie from other countries.

FINLAND Hands/Glove and Blocker The Fins have great hands, some of you may have heard rumblings and read articles about how well the fins use their hands, I have seen it live, it's true. Why? It starts from the stance, they always have great hand positioning. Blocker and trapper are always in front of the body, while moving on their feet or sliding laterally to make a save, their hands are always in front of the body. This allows them to get at the puck early, take away the upward trajectory of the puck and track into the save properly. When your hands are in front of your body you don't have to turn your head as much to get a clean sight line to the puck. In addition they, they had the ability to catch pucks all around their body, not just specifically on the glove side with limited rage.