Gaining Strength for Speed in the Crease

Whether it is a post out, butterfly to full recovery, powerslide or explosive movement within the crease we need strength. Most, if not all of our power is generated from our legs in order to get square and set in time for the initial shot. Matt Jenkins has touched upon the flexibility and mobility aspect in the article Closing holes for fewer goals (insert link here charlie) Therefore, I have invited guest blogger Paul Hudson: Strength and Conditioning Coach @ Hudson Strength to touch on a few major strength training concepts every goalie can introduce to their game…

Off ice training has become a must for hockey players in today’s game. The game has become a much faster version of years passed and it seems as though if you aren’t putting in the time off of the ice your development is going to fall behind quickly.

As a goaltender flexibility, mobility, and strength are three aspects of your off ice training that will have a major effect on your performance. More specifically, this article will touch on the importance of strength training and how it can improve your game.

What is strength? Muscular strength refers to the power and capacity of muscles and connective tissue elements to undergo stress and strain in order to achieve a variety of activities by pulling, pushing, stretching, extending and flexing different joints of the body. Not only does strength refer to muscles and connective tissue but also, it is the peak force the neuromuscular system is capable of exerting in a single movement or maximal voluntary contraction.