Agility with a goalie stick - Train without training

There always lots of talk about how some goalies make such a difference in a game having he ability to handle the puck with ease.

I find myself offering to goalies and/or parents that we are, at our core, a collection of habits and we create our habits. Hand-in-hand a lot of what makes a successful goalie is the repetition of simple things. In this exercise I am simply trying to help develop a natural feel which will lead to confidence when handling a puck in all situations.

ODR (outdoor rink) season is soon to be here. Here is a tip on how to develop your goalie puck handling

During an ODR pick up game take 20minutes, using your goalie stick, blocker and trapper and just play the game. Receive passes, make passes, shoot etc. Do everything you would normally do in an ODR pick up game. I would also recommend wearing your goalie skates whenever you’re on the ODR, but that’s your call. The focus should be on handling and developing a feel with the puck using a proper “Turco grip” technique. Your are training but it doesn’t feel like training. This should become a part of your ODR habit, you will benefit in the long-term.

Note; if other players think your different, get over it! , they already think you’re different for being a goalie, if they ask why, your just trying to get better, they will respect that. Think positive move forward.

The Technique

Over-hand technique more commonly referred to as the Turco Grip. This puck handling style allows a goalie to have equal power on both forehand and backhand passes. The Turco grip allows you to have 2 dimensional handling forward and backhand with increased strength, The original “cupping glove” style also allows forward motion and awkward backhanded motion but with decreased strength.

Marty Turco, Dallas Stars, revolutionized goaltending by turning his glove hand over top of the stick.

1. Turn over glove hand and grip the lower part of the stick above the top of the paddle, Placement is your preference but the closer to the paddle will give you more strength less whip.

2. Squeeze your glove, griping the stick.

3. The blocker hand should be place at the top of the stick (nub)

4. Glove hand-pressure using your palm, you motion push out/forward the puck when passing or shooting.