Staying Composed during Playoffs an Overview

It’s that time of the season again goalies! The pressure is heightened and the competition level has tripled. You have spent all season working on your technique and skills and now in playoffs you must feel confident in your abilities. Playoffs can be a roller coaster of emotions and how you cope with them, will dictate your success!

I have always found how you react to a win or a loss can impact the next game. It's common after a win you feel untouchable. You go into the next game with extra confidence which can be good but can also develop unrealistic expectations. This is referred as "getting too high, or too low". Be confident but be prepared. Reset before each game. Similar to a win you must also hit the reset button and move on after a loss. You should reflect on your game, and assess both the positive and negative aspects of your play. Remember, this is one game