Importance of Video Analysis

If you talk to any goaltender who plays junior, college or pro and ask them how important video review is with their goalie coach, you most likely will here the same response; it's crucial! Speaking from experience I can't count how many times I've told a goalie they are executing a certain way in a game and get a "are you sure" comment back from them, then I show them on video and the result is, "wow I didn't know I did that". There are many different ways to develop your game, from goalie specific training, off-ce training and nutrition, to implementing good practice habits and building hockey IQ. I personally feel video isjust as important as all of them. As the goalie coach of the Ottawa 67's I do video with both my goalies after every game, I review the game and clip out different situations positive or negative. It can be anything from examples of great positioning, or wrong foot placement on a recovery, to something as detailed as hand positioning on a cross crease pass. If you're working on a specific skill set in a goalie sessions you can point out how the goalie is starting to execute it in a game setting.