The 15 Second Drill

I recently came across this article in "InGoal Magazin"., about what is called the "15 Second Drill". The article goes into great technical breakdown and I highly recommend it. It is something I will incorporate into my lessons, and in a round about way, already do. I'm a big believer in quality over quantity. This article takes about 15 second reps in one specific part of training but can be applied in other scenarios.


One thing I have learned over the years is that parents have to change their mind set. Many judge the quality of training on how hard their goalie can be run into the ground. "My child's goalie coach is great because when my son/daughter is done a session they want to puke and they get worked so hard ."

But what did they learn??? Learning and knowledge doesn't always equal physical labour and sweat. The 15 second rep allows you to focus on consistency and proper technique for duration of drill. If you preform a drill for much longer, half the reps are of quality and the other half are simply not. Parents need to understand that just "hard work" doesn't equate success. "Smart work" combined with "hard work" is a much better recipe for long term development.