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"Video is a must in todays game, its not optional" 

Video Coaching

"Finally, we can confidently say the Apex Video Review system, is the most user friendly, efficient, and simply the best video performance teaching platform we’ve tested."


Charles McTavish - CGD Director

Game Review

There is nothing more valuable to analyse the technical and tactical components of goaltending than in real game situations.


Share your own personal Game footage with us and receive your own review. Identify Technical and Tactical components of your game and how to efficiently correct common mistakes and enhance in game decision making.


Choose from CGD exclusive access to video coaching review of the OHL's best goalies and featuring OHL Goaltending Mentor Rick Wamsley


Capture your training sessions and practices to start building your personal library​.


Share you're training videos with a CGD coach and get consistent feedback to accelerate development


Receive monthly access to Rick Wamsleys detailed review of what makes OHL's goalies elite.


CGD will review 45 minutes of your own game footage and identify technical and tactical game applications.

 Record your footage directly in Apex 


 Use any Apple phone or Ipad 


 After your session, the video captured is  automatically shared between you and CGD 


 Then edit, analyse and share your captured video 


 Apex has the most robust features of  any platform to help analyse your play; 


Side by side comparisons

Frame by frame “scrubbing”

Intuitive line and shape drawing features

Simple voice over features

Picture in Picture video comparisons

Video overlay

Simple cut editing, leaving just the edited portion of the video for future viewing


Receive an Apex account with CGD and easily capture CGD training sessions, practice and game footage on your phone or I-pad. Then organize and edit your video directly on your phone turning it into your own mobile coaching device. You can build your personal video library and review when you need to.


Now that you’ve started your very own performance library, allow us to maximize your training time. Apex allows you AND CGD to view, edit and organize your footage. The ultimate benefit is having coaching access from CGD at your fingertips. This program is ideal to stay in communication with CGD coaches on a consistent basis. We will review every goal against on a monthly basis, and edit/coach live during CGD training sessions. This allows us to bridge training at CGD with in game or in practice implementation and tactics. Now you can make adjustments faster and speed up the learning curve. Every video collected is another opportunity to review and improve.


Video Coaching


Rick Wamsley and the OHL have created a Video Analyses Package intended to educate goaltenders on the application of technical skills in a real game scenario. Wamsley is the Ontario Hockey League Goaltending Mentor, overseeing and collaborating with all goalie coaches across the league. Together, they have created a truly unique video coaching database previously only used within the OHL.

80 OHL GAME VIDEO REVIEWS MONTHLY! Reviews are approximately 45-90 seconds in length. Each review is a technical & tactical analysis - with voice over and on screen animation for clear and concise education.



Game situations edited and analyzed emphasizing how to defend scoring situations that include: Break Aways, Clears, Entries BGL, Wraps & Walks, Low/High & High/Low, Net drives, Screens, Deflections, Rebounds and Net Scrambles etc.



Game Video analyses is what bridges the gap from practice, training and game play. The majority of athletes learn visually making video feedback ideal.

CGD will review 45 minutes of your own game footage and identify technical and tactical game applications.

Combine several games into 1 video session by featuring only chances against and play in the defensive zone. This allows us to gain a more in insight into your game habits efficiently and effectively. 

Receive voice over and on screen feedback within shared video. Receive full game report in which we will identify areas that need focus and also suggest training to correct specific deficiencies.

single game

half season

full season


OHL Game Review


 1. Capture Game foortage 


 2. Share with CGD coach 


 3. CGD Reviews scoring chances and and goals, creates game report for feedback 


 4. Apply when training and in practice situation 


 5. Adopt in game 

OHL Review
Game Review

Game Review

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